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You Are Here: UA and Downtown!

Date: Winter 2011

Location: Vacant building space (formerly Malibu Yogurt), Tucson, Arizona.

Organization: The Downtown Office of Public Perception

Collaborators: Josh Workman, Katie Dolan, Parker Dunbar, Katie Delahoyde, Luis Mendivil, Jenna Grover, Wynton El, Branden McCraw, Lejla Prijic

Support: Dr. Laura Berry, Julie Reed, Jane McCollum and the Marshall Foundation

Worker, Inc. and students of the University of Arizona Honors College presented "YOU ARE HERE: Downtown & UA!" in December of 2011. The exhibition demonstrated how Downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona function in relation to each other and asked participants to question how they view Downtown Tucson. The exhibition gave participants the potential of creating, discovering, and reinforcing links between Downtown and UA through interactive overlay maps, graphics, postcards, urban checklists, videos, and survey results.

The exhibit was the culmination of a semester long class in which students of a variety of majors and backgrounds from the Honors College investigated issues about the urban environment. After a series of readings and projects, the students worked together to conceptualize the theme, produce the products, and execute the materials for the exhibition. The students created the parent organization, the Downtown Office of Public Perception, to discover downtown and learn about the community's perceptions of Tucson through the exhibition.

you are here
you are here
you are here