worker, inc

Downtown Links to Replace Downtown Links!

Date: April 01, 2013

Location: Storefront Windows, 44 North Stone Avenue, Tucson AZ. ABORTED.

Organization: Tucson Environment and Ecology (TEE)

Collaborators:University of Arizona Downtown ABORTED.

April Fools jokes are always fun, especially if the joke giver and receiver both enjoy the prank. If, though, the receiving end of the joke is unhappy, they are no fun at all. Tucson has always been a place of sensitive people, and this case was no exception. In an effort to have a little fun with the 40-year-old project of running a high-volume roadway between 4th Avenue and Downtown Tucson, Worker Inc. proposed a redesign of the roadway into a golf course. You can read all about it in the April 2013 issue of Zocalo. After some consternation, himming and hawing, and from finally on-board collaboration to we-have-to-pull-the-plug-I-just-got-a-call-from-the-mayor from a partner, the project was pulled from being installed in the windows at 44 North Stone.