worker, inc

3 Degrees of Stranger

Date: Winter 2012

Location: Vacant building space, Tucson, Arizona.

Organization: Strangers Anonymous and Associates

Collaborators: Strangers Anonymous and Associates Collaborators: Sarah Bartley, Stephanie Brunson, Anna Geissler, Phillip Greenberg, John Grisham, Mariah Hoffman, Claire Mirocha, Myra Pixler, Madison, Porras, Jessica Schulte, Nathan Sema, Zola Zermeno

Support: Dr. Laura Berry, Scott Stiteler

Worker, Inc., in collaboration with students from the Honors College at the University of Arizona, created a highly interactive exhibit about "strangers" and their place in a downtown setting. It was the conclusion of the exhibitors that downtown is a space where all strangers have a place and it is a space where one can simultaneously feel "connected" and anonymous.

Exhibits within the overall exhibit include: 4 Questions on Strangers, Pin Your Place of Connection / of Anonymity, The Connections Board, Stranger Meter, Stranger Video, Stranger Sounds.