worker, inc

Worker Inc. Publications

Worker, Inc. loves producing books and ephemera on the human relationship with the designed environment.

Guess That Intersection, Tucson Arizona, 2013.
A book that depicts 65 intersections in Tucson, Arizona with the street names blacked-out. The reader is provided with a form to fill out and send to Worker, Inc. for grading. Funded through Tucson Pima County Arts Council New Projects grant.

Worker Transit Authority, 2012. The definitive guide to the Worker Transit Authority exhibit. Funded through Tucson Pima County Arts Council PLACE grant.

cake: perception, land use, and the automobile, 2011.
A graphic presentation that discusses shoelaces, NCAA basketball, Paris, Oprah, golf carts, street signs, and sex and their relation to American perceptions regarding land use and transportation. Funded through the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts.

Field Guides and Checklists, 2008. A MOCA-Multiples project which includes A Field Guide to Convenience Stores, Tucson Arizona, A Checklist of the Automobiles Midtown, and a Checklist of Commercials NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Game.

The Architect's Guide to Effective Self-Presentation, Author: Andreas Luescher, 2013. My graphic presentation techniques used for firm resume and process is featured in Chapter Three, The ABCs of CV Resume. .